Who is PSI-Polymer Systems?

PSI-Polymer Systems, Inc. is a leading U.S. supplier of Screen Changers, Extrusion Gear Pumps and Static Mixers for the Extrusion, Polymer Processing, and Recycling Industries. All are offered either as stand alone components or as complete engineered systems.

PSI-Polymer System Inc Home Office

With more than 25 years of expertise in the field of plastics, PSI utilizes the latest technology in design, engineering, and process solutions to provide products with superior life under the most extreme process conditions. All machinery and equipment is manufactured with precision tolerances to ISO-9002 standards.

PSI was founded in 2000 as a privately owned company & US manufacturer of precision polymer process equipment and components. PSI's key personnel have proven experience as founders, owners, and managers of highly successful US manufacturing companies in the fields of filtration, extrusion, and other process improvement equipment. Combined, these key personnel have more than 75 years experience in the plastics and polymer industry along with over 20 patents to their credit.

Why Buy From PSI-Polymer Systems?

PSI is an owner operated business. Although we are privately owned, we have more screen changer and gear pump design experience than our larger competitors. With this level of field experience, PSI’s design vision is from the customer’s perspective.

We are dedicated to maintaining personalized service, quality products and to creating custom engineered solutions with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us today for your screen changer or gear pump needs.